In case y’all have enjoyed it yet, let me recommend U.S. House Speaker Paul Ryan‘s livestream of the view of the snow outside his balcony at the Capitol. As the blizzard did its damage over the weekend, Ryan’s livecam documented it all, 24 hours a day. It snows, or sometimes it doesn’t. It’s white. It’s groovy. You’ll want to turn the volume up to hear Ryan’s choice of music while chilling to the chill. Reminiscent of Norwegian slow television, Ryan’s artistic achievement with this livestream far surpasses anything he’s achieved in the political realm. 

It’s still going live for now. Here’s the explanation from the Speaker’s office, from their blog:


Here’s something from Washington, DC, that won’t make you want to throw your phone across the room. No speeches. No politicians. No media pundits. It’s just a pure, uninterrupted livestream of the snow falling on the National Mall, as seen from the Speaker’s office in the U.S. Capitol.

Give your Netflix a break and check out the snowfall for a few minutes. Or a few hours. It’ll be here all weekend long.

The Washington Post responded with a reader’s poll to figure out how best to describe Ryan’s choice of music: