Basically any video of a teenager is going to feel unflattering years later (how will anyone from the social media generation run for office?). So this is just silly. But I’ll confess that it’s always a hoot to see public figures in their younger days. As the Hill, Politico, and various other outlets have reported, someone uploaded a video of an 18-year-old Ted Cruz to YouTube over the weekend and his campaign confirmed that it’s Cruz in the video. What he says is inconsequential; it is startling to see that his hammy manner as a performer was already fully formed as a teen. 

One downside for Cruz’s political situation is that it sure seems like a lot of people from around the time of this video couldn’t stand him. So you get videos like this coming out and college classmates coming out of the woodwork to tell the media that he was an “asshole” and “creepy.” 

The really creep Cruz videos: check out his more recent work