Politico’s Kenneth Vogel has a long report out today on the Clinton Foundation in Politico. The foundation, according to Vogel, is “increasingly seen as a distraction by supporters of Hillary Clinton’s presidential bid” and “is considering dialing back its activity during the campaign and a potential Clinton presidency, according to interviews and documents obtained by POLITICO.” Reports Vogel: 

With its packed slate of events already colliding with the presidential election calendar and donors growing wary, the foundation has commissioned a study from the powerhouse Boston Consulting Group on how to improve the foundation’s showcase endeavor, the Clinton Global Initiative, or CGI, while a 2015 study flagged concerns that Clinton’s presidential campaign could hurt a separate project, the Clinton Health Access Initiative.

Foundation CEO Donna Shalala late last year warned staff of possible restructuring and election year uncertainty and wouldn’t guarantee that CGI would follow through with plans for its flashy annual meeting in September, according to sources familiar with her conversations with staff.

Supporters of Hillary Clinton’s campaign privately grumble that the foundation is diverting the attention of her husband, former President Bill Clinton — as well as key donors — at a pivotal moment in the presidential campaign. They argue that CGI should suspend planned events during the primaries and just before the general election.

I’d actually say that donating money to the Clinton Global Initiative’s efforts to, say, provide access to clean water, sanitation, and HIV educations to villages in Mozambique is a more worthy use of scare dollars than donating to a presidential campaign. But what do I know. Lots of gossip and documents in the article, for those interested in Clinton World — including anonymous (natch) sources complaining about Chelsea Clinton and calling her “haughty,” and speculation on what will happen if Bill Clinton steps away from the foundation.