The undercard debate on Fox News tonight, between some random people who are polling in single digits or less — Rick Santorum, Mike Huckabee, Carly Fiorina, and Jim Gilmore — is livestreaming here, if anyone cares. 

The first question went to Huckabee, who was asked why, after winning Iowa back in 2008, his message wasn’t working this time around, as he loses supporters to Ted Cruz and Donald Trump

“I don’t think it’s that the message isn’t working, I think it’s the message is not getting out,” Huckabee said. Well, okay. He said that people who lift heavy things and sweat through their clothes are getting gut punched. He said we should do something bolder than getting rid of Planned Parenthood by using the Fifth and Fourteenth amendments to ban abortion forever and ever. Some other stuff too.

Now Rick Santorum is yelling that his name doesn’t even get included in polls. The moderators are all asking versions of the same question — why are you still in the race? There is something almost unspeakably sad about watching this.