Speaking of Obamacare and Arkansas politicians, U.S. Rep. French Hill sat down for an interview with Roby Brock of Talk Business and defended the time-wasting kabuki theater of endless Obamacare repeal votes (even as Hill admitted struggles with the challenges of time management as a congressman). 

I don’t think it’s a waste of time. … This was the first bill that repeals the core features of Obamacare and sends it to his desk and let him veto it…I think people felt like they were fulfilling a commitment to do that and it tees up the discussion about how do you replace Obamacare, how do you have that policy discussion?

Yeah, how do you have that discussion? Actually we know how. Republicans in Congress will constantly say that they are just about to coalesce around a workable replacement plan, but then it never happens. This has been going on for years. The tell here is that Hill is saying that we should have a policy discussion, but isn’t actually discussing policy. He’s saying we should have a discussion about how to replace Obamacare but refuses to discuss how to replace Obamacare. 


Brock, who has a biting sense of humor, asked Hill whether we would “see that policy discussion this year.” 

“I think we could,” said Hill. LOL. He offered no specifics. 


The hundreds of thousands of Arkansans whose health insurance would be snatched away if Hill got his way deserve better answers