News from Hendrix College

Hendrix College politics professor Dr. Jay Barth was recently named a Faculty Fellow for The Education Network for Active Civic Transformation (ENACT) at Brandeis University

ENACT is a new national program to engage young people in state-level legislative change. Students enrolled in courses taught by ENACT faculty fellows at colleges and universities in or near state capitals will learn how to work with advocacy organizations, legislators and legislative staff members to advance policy. Students will learn through direct engagement in this work, traveling to the state capital, meeting with and lobbying legislators, strategizing with advocacy organizations and creating outreach materials to advance their chosen issues. 

Barth is a frequent Times contributor. 


From the press release:

“I’m excited to learn from other professors doing work in state capitols across the country so that I can further hone this academic experience for Hendrix students in the years to come,” Barth said.

More information on ENACT here