Blue Hog blogger Matt Campbell today filed complaints with the state’s Ethics Commission against Treasurer Dennis Milligan and Attorney General Leslie Rutledge, related to their campaign activities for Mike Huckabee‘s doomed presidential campaign in Iowa. 

Campbell alleges that Milligan and Rutledge violated the law by playing hookie from their state jobs on Thursday, Friday, and Monday in order to campaign. Here’s the relevant law: 


It shall be unlawful for any public servant, as defined in § 21-8-402, to devote any time or labor during usual office hours toward the campaign of any other candidate for office or for the nomination to any office.

The law makes no special provisions about campaigning for hopeless causes. You can read Campbell’s lengthy description of his complaint at his blog

Spokesmen for Rutledge and Milligan both stated to KATV News that the officials were on personal leave when they went to campaign for the sinking Huck ship.