Politico reports

“Last night when our political team saw the CNN post saying that Dr. Carson was not carrying on to New Hampshire and South Carolina, our campaign updated grassroots leaders just as we would with any breaking news story,” Cruz’s campaign said in a statement. “That’s fair game. What the team then should have done was send around the follow-up statement from the Carson campaign clarifying that he was indeed staying in the race when that came out. This was a mistake from our end, and for that I apologize to Dr. Carson.”

Carson accused rival campaigns of dirty tricks, as they aggressively spread rumors last night that he was dropping out of the campaign and that his supporters should pick a new candidate. Carson, of course, is not dropping out, he’s merely going to Florida to change his clothes


Carson is not pleased, Politico notes: 

“If Ted Cruz doesn’t know about this, then he clearly needs to very quickly get rid of some people in his organization,” Carson told “Fox & Friends” on Tuesday morning. “And if he does know about it, isn’t this the exact kind of thing that the American people are tired of? Why would we want to continue that kind of, you know, shenanigans?”

It’s hard to know precisely what happened because Ted Cruz lies constantly, to everyone, about everything.