The fourth annual Arkansas Legislative Hoops Game will be March 15, with members of the Arkansas House of Representatives facing off against the members of the Arkansas Senate at 7 p.m., at the Jack Stephens Center on the UALR campus.

The House wins every year, although their powerhouse was dealt a blow when former Globetrotter Fred Smith was ousted from his seat in 2014. The game is genuinely entertaining, mostly because of the parallels and disconnects between members’ styles as legislators/hoopsters. Sen. Jeremy Hutchinson plays like Charles Barkley, if Charles Barkley was half a foot shorter and had just come down with a case of rabies. 


Some former Razorbacks and local media personalities will serve as celebrity players and coaches. All proceeds will benefit the Big Brothers Big Sisters of Central Arkansas (BBBSCA), Boys & Girls Club of Bryant, and Boys & Girls Club of Saline County.

It’s good times, recommended for local political junkies or anyone interested in what your democratically elected representatives look like in shorts. Tickets are ten bucks and will be available at the door.


We made basketball cards for the inaugural game back in 2013, a true labor of love.