Attorneys for Wade Naramore, the Hot Springs Judge charged yesterday with negligent homicide in the July 2015 death of his 18-month old son, Thomas Naramore, have issued a statement on the charges. In the statement, Little Rock attorneys Erin Cassinelli and Patrick Benca said that Wade Naramore and his wife Ashely have suffered “indescribable pain and immeasurable loss,” and are committed to educating other parents about the dangers of situations like the one that took the life of their son. The statement goes on to say that there is no legal basis to show that Wade Naramore committed a crime.  

As seen in an arrest affidavit in the case, Naramore told police that he accidentally left his son strapped in his car seat in a parked car for over five hours on a day when the heat index reached as high as 106.5 degrees, not realizing he’d forgotten to drop the boy off at daycare. When paramedics responded, Thomas Naramore reportedly had a core body temperature of 107 degrees. He was pronounced dead at the scene. The Judicial Discipline and Disability Commission is seeking a temporary suspension of Wade Naramore, with pay. 



February 11, 2016

The Naramores have cooperated fully with law enforcement since this investigation began nearly seven months ago following the tragic death of their son, Thomas. While we disagree with the prosecutor’s decision to pursue criminal charges against Wade, the Naramores have been prepared for this and for the public to better understand what happened to their family.

Until July 24, 2015, the Naramores were among those who believed that something like this could never happen to them. According to national experts, statistics show that this type of tragedy is much more common than most people realize. In fact, parents who think they are immune are the most at risk for an unconscious lapse of awareness that results in the death of their child.

Thomas was the center of the Naramores’ world. They have suffered an indescribable pain and immeasurable loss that will never go away. They are now committed to doing everything they can to educate other parents and develop safety measures to avoid the tragic loss of another child under these circumstances. Now that the legal process has begun, they will sooner be able to speak publicly in an effort to raise awareness and honor their son’s memory.

It is our opinion that there is no legal or factual basis for believing Wade committed any crime. We are confident that the citizens entrusted with the responsibility to consider all of the facts and the applicable law will agree that this was a tragedy but not a crime.

Counsel for Wade Naramore
Patrick J. Benca, Benca & Benca
Erin Cassinelli, Lassiter & Cassinelli