Talking Points Memo reports on Hillary Clinton imitating the bark of a dog to critique false claims from her GOP rivals: 

“One of my favorite political ads of all time was a radio ad in rural Arkansas where the announcer said, ‘Wouldn’t it be great if somebody running for office said something, we could have an immediate reaction as to whether it was true or not,” Clinton said. “‘Well, we have trained this dog. And, the dog, if it is not true, he is going to bark.’ And the dog was barking on the radio and so you know people were barking at each other for days after that.”

Clinton said she wished she knew how to do that for Republicans.

“We need to get that dog and follow them around and every time they say these things like, ‘Oh, you know the Great Recession was caused by too much regulation—'” she said before proceeding to bark.

Clinton’s conservative enemies reacted in predictable ways, but my question is: Does anyone remember this radio ad? Would be fun to track it down.