While a historian whose book on Thomas Jefferson was so full of revisionist holes that his publisher had to pull it from the shelves might not be your first choice when looking for someone to name a new political science program after, don’t tell that to Ecclesia College, a tiny evangelical institution up in Springdale. They just announced their new David Barton College of Political Science, which will begin offering courses in the fall semester this year.

Barton, who sits on the board of regents for Ecclesia, is a Tea Party darling who has made a career selling the snake oil that the Founding Fathers were holy crusaders and hardcore Bible beaters. He stars in the video announcement of the new college, seen above, promising that the school will offer courses that teach political science from a “traditional American perspective.”  Also, did he say “founding father George Washen”? 

Define irony: In another video discussing the new poli-sci program on the Ecclesia website, Barton quotes Thomas Jefferson, saying “If a nation expects to be ignorant and free in a state of civilization, it expects what never was and never will be.” And yes, by the way, the real-deal historians at Monticello say that quote is bullshit. 

Ernie Dumas previously wrote about Ecclesia College last year, when a look at a state audit found that the college had been the recipient of $592,000 in taxpayer-financed largess in 2013-2014, courtesy of several well-connected legislators from NWA.