The Hillary Clinton campaign in Arkansas announced what it’s calling its Leadership Council today. The list includes former Govs. Mike Beebe and Jim Guy Tucker, former U.S. Sens. David and Mark Pryor and a host of former and current movers and shakers in the state Democratic Party. 

In the interest of transparency, the list also includes the spouses of three of our regular columnists — former Circuit Judge Ellen Brantley, Elaine Dumas and Diane Lyons.


Full list below. 

Mike Beebe, Former Governor of Arkansas
Ginger Beebe, Former First Lady of Arkansas
Jim Guy Tucker, Former Governor of Arkansas and Former Attorney General
Betty Tucker Former First Lady of Arkansas
Dustin McDaniel, Former Arkansas Attorney General, DNC Member
Jimmie Lou Fisher, Former State Treasurer


David Pryor, Former U.S. Senator and Arkansas Governor
Barbara Pryor, Former First Lady of Arkansas
Mark Pryor, Former U.S. Senator and Arkansas Attorney General
Marion Berry, Former U.S. Representative
Mike Ross, Former U.S. Representative
Wes Clark, Former NATO Supreme Allied Commander
Mary Mel French, Former U.S. State Department Chief of Protocol
Rodney Slater, Former U.S. Secretary of Transportation
James Lee Witt, Former Director of FEMA and Former Yell County Judge

Vincent Insalaco, DNC Member
Lottie Shackelford, DNC Member and Former Mayor of Little Rock
Krystal Thrailkill, DNC Member


Keith Ingram, State Senate Minority Leader
Linda Chesterfield, State Senator
Charles Armstrong, State Representative
Eddie Armstrong, State Representative
Charles Blake, State Representative
Deborah Ferguson, State Representative
Kenneth “Ken” Ferguson, State Representative
Vivian Flowers, State Representative
Monte Hodges, State Representative
Frederick Love, State Representative
Steve Magie, State Representative
George McGill, State Representative
Reginald Murdock, State Representative
Warwick Sabin, State Representative
Clarke Tucker, State Representative
David Whitaker, State Representative

Jay Bradford, Former State Senator and Commissioner of Insurance
Charlie Cole Chaffin, Former State Senator
Jack Crumbly, Former State Senator
Brenda Gullett, Former State Senator
Percy Malone, Former State Senator
Mary Anne Salmon, Former State Senator
Kevin Smith, Former State Senator

Jerry Brown, Former State Representative
Herschel Cleveland, Former State Representative
Joe Harris, Former State Representative
Wanda Hartz, Former State Representative
David “Bubba” Powers, Former State Representative
Gregg Reep, Former State Representative
Johnnie Roebuck, Former State Representative
Tommy Roebuck, Former State Representative
Lindsley Smith, Former State Representative

Mark Stodola, Mayor of Little Rock
Katherine “Kathy” Webb, Little Rock City Board
Tyler Denton, Justice of the Peace, Pulaski County
Patrick “Pat” Henry Hays, Former Mayor of North Little Rock
Floyd G “Buddy” Villines, Former Pulaski County Judge and Former Mayor of Little Rock
Pat O’Brien, Former Pulaski County Clerk
Jackie McPherson, Former Mayor of Heber Springs
Don Richardson, Former Mayor of Clinton
Cathy Koehler, President of the Little Rock Education Association


Ellen Brantley, Former Circuit Judge
Beth Coulson, Former Judge of Arkansas Court of Appeals
Marion Humphrey, Former Judge

Grant Tennille, Former Chair of the Arkansas Economic Development Commission

Theodis “Ted” Davis, Jefferson County Democratic Committee Chair

Erma Pondexter, Treasurer of the Miller Co. Democratic Central Committee
Hazel Simpson, Chair of the Hempstead Co. Democratic Women
Vaughn McQuary, Former Democratic Party State Chair
Ron Oliver, Former Arkansas Democratic State Party Chair

Tyrone Broomfield, Faith Leader
Darrion Buffington, Faith Leader
Ricky Everett, Faith Leader
Gene Levy, Faith Leader
Victor “Vic” Nixon, Faith Leader
William Robinson, Faith Leader
Joanna Seibert, Faith Leader
Carolyn Staley, Faith Leader

Phyllis Anderson, Community Leader
Sarah Argue, Community Leader
Kay Kelley Arnold, Business Leader
Emily Barrier, Community Leader
Woody Bassett III, Business Leader
Jim Blair, Business Leader
Richard Bronfman, Business Leader
Sheila Bronfman, Community Leader
Leroy Brownlee, Community Leader
Marie Clinton Bruno, Business Leader
Brent Bumpers, Business Leader
John Burkhalter, Business Leader
Abraham Carpenter, Business Leader
Graham Catlett, Business Leader
Meredith Catlett, Business Leader
Gertrude “Gert” Kingston Clark, Community Leader
Gilbert Cornwell, Community Leader
Wes Cottrell, Business Leader
Nate Coulter, Community Leader
Mike Coulson, Business Leader
Patty Criner, Business Leader
Nancy Delamar, Community Leader
Lynda Dixon, Community Leader
Martha Dixon, Community Leader
Elaine Dumas, Community Leader
John Elrod, Business Leader
Don Erbach, Community Leader
Connie Fails, Community Leader
Raymond Frazier, Community Leader
Bill Gaddy, Community Leader
Judy Gaddy, Community Leader
Annie Giattina, Community Leader
Tim Giattina, Business Leader
Diane Gilleland, Community Leader
Catherine Grunden, Business Leader
Greg Hale, Community Leader
Charles Henderson, Community Leader
Ann Henry, Community Leader
Morriss Henry, Business Leader
Jean “Billie” Hervey, Community Leader
Kaki Hockersmith, Business Leader
Jordan Johnson, Business Leader
Jerry Jones, Business Leader
John Joyce, Community Leader
Sherry Joyce, Community Leader
Janis Kearney, Community Leader
Missy Kincaid, Community Leader
Calvin King, Business Leader
Bev Lindsey, Community Leader
Diane Lyons, Community Leader
David Matthews, Business Leader
James McAlister, Community Leader
Ann McCoy, Community Leader
Grady McCoy, Business Leader
Eric McDaniel, Business Leader
Donna Kay McLarty, Community Leader
Franklin McLarty, Business Leader
Mark McLarty, Business Leader
Robert McLarty, Community Leader
Thomas “Mack” McLarty, Business Leader
Jan McQuary, Community Leader
Max Mehlburger, Business Leader
Harry Truman Moore, Business Leader
Martha Jane Murray, Community Leader
Bob Nash, Community Leader
Denver Peacock, Business Leader
Wilbur Peer, Community Leader
Marilynn Porter, Community Leader
Joe Purvis, Business Leader
Marci Riggs, Community Leader
Bobby Roberts, Community Leader
Steve Ronnel, Business Leader
JT Rose, Business Leader
Billie Rutherford, Community Leader
Harvey Joe Sanner, Community Leader
Mary M. Schroeder, Community Leader
Robert Seibert, Business Leader
Jerry Staley, Business Leader
Regina Stewart Hampton, Community Leader
Amy Lee Stewart, Business Leader
Alex G. Streett, Business Leader
Mica Strother, Business Leader
Judy Tenenbaum, Community Leader
Henrik Thostrup, Business Leader
Jane Gray Todd, Community Leader
Joe Todd, Business Leader
Clark Trim, Business Leader
Mabel Harris Webb, Community Leader
Debbie Willhite, Community Leader
Margaret Whillock, Community Leader
Cassandra Wilkins-Slater, Community Leader
Ronnie Williams, Community Leader
Carol Willis, Community Leader
Dina Wood, Business Leader
Donna Kay Yeargan, Community Leader