Politico reports that former Little Rock TV and radio personality Alice Stewart has been named the new communications director for Ted Cruz, replacing the fired Rick Tyler

Stewart is a longtime GOP political operative who had previously worked for Mike Huckabee‘s disastrous presidential bid in 2016, as well as his more fruitful adventure in 2008. She also worked for Rick Santorum‘s 2012 campaign. Once Huck tuckered out this year, she moved to the Cruz campaign. She had been working as a senior communications adviser, travelling with the national press corps.


Tyler was canned after he put a misleading video about Marco Rubio on Facebook. The incident exacerbated the widespread perception that Cruz is a liar who constantly lies about everything. The Washington Post reports that Cruz’s reputation for 24-7 lying is “taking a toll” on the campaign, and notes that Donald Trump, himself a notorious liar, told a crowd in Nevada today that Cruz is “like a little baby — soft, weak little baby… But for lying, he’s the best I’ve ever seen.”