KATV reports that election officials have apologized for a sign at a White County polling location that falsely indicated that voters had to have an ID in order to vote. The sign has now been removed. The Voter ID law, passed in 2013, was struck down by the Arkansas Supreme Court in 2014.

The sign in question came from the Secretary of State’s office back when the mandatory voter ID law was still on the books. 


The sign was changed immediately after KATV showed a picture of it to the Secretary of State’s Office and the State Board of Election Commissioners. White County Election Coordinator Greg Davenport apologized. 

From KATV’s report: 


The way the law stands now, poll workers are required to ask for your ID when you show up to vote, but you don’t have to provide it.

Jack Shock of Searcy says he was surprised to see a sign that said “STOP Please have an ID ready!!!” as he got in line to vote at the White County Courthouse.

“I do think the sign is misleading because it says ‘Stop, please show one of these forms of ID,” Shock said. …

Shock says while poll workers in White County didn’t make him show his ID, his fear was the sign would send the wrong message to someone without an ID who is unaware of the law change.

“That might turn someone away, that might keep someone from voting, that might be intimidating and nobody wants to keep a citizen from voting,” Shock said.