The Huckster continues to peddle his defense of Donald Trump, this time on Megyn Kelly’s show on Fox. Asked by Kelly about Mitt Romney’s comments that Trump’s KKK hedging was “disqualifying and disgusting” and “coddling of repugnant bigotry,” Huckabee went into my stars mode. 

“I’m amazed that Mitt would say that,” the former Arkansas governor said that. 


“I don’t know of anybody who has ever suggested that Donald Trump is a racist,” he said. 

Kelly said that it was super weird that Trump pretended not to know who David Duke was in his Sunday interview on CNN. 


Huckabee said, hey, maybe he had a bad earpiece.

“Trump heard David Duke in that earpiece, you know that,” Kelly said. 


Huckabee repeated that Trump’s not racist. The KKK? “Heavens no,” said Huckabee. “I don’t think anybody is seriously suggesting that he is giving a wink and a nod to the KKK. They’re a deplorable, disgusting, abominable entity. Sometimes I’m amazed that they even still exist. I just don’t know of anybody who embraces them anymore.” 

Kelly said, given that, it seemed like an easy question for Trump to respond to. Just, you know, say that the KKK is bad. Ain’t hard. Huckabee went back to the earpiece defense. 

“Governor, you know what he heard,” said Kelly.

Kelly also brought up that Trump has bizarrely hinted that a judge might treat him unfairly in a fraud case because the judge is Hispanic. Huckabee ignored the question. Bad earpiece, I suppose.