Marco Rubio
will hold his second rally of the weekend in Arkansas, in Conway at 3 p.m. Based on news reports earlier in the day, he has lost his voice, so I’m not sure how much he’ll be able to do other than wave. 

Recently Rubio has tried out being an insult comic, saying that Trump is orange, has never taken a punch, hurt himself playing squash, uses spray tan, uses makeup, pees his pants, and has a small penis. Rubio is going to lose the campaign but he’ll never lose his dignity. 

Rubio has yet to win a state and trails in both state and national polls, but is hoping to pull off a win in Arkansas. 

You can watch a livestream of the Rubio event via KATV here

UPDATE: Rubio, introduced by Gov. Asa Hutchinson, gave a good speech, and lodged the sort of attack against Donald Trump that might have worked if he had started months ago. Wisely, Rubio skipped the adolescent insult-comic routine that has been making headlines recently and described Trump’s morally repugnant deeds in moral terms. He said that people like to laugh about Trump University, but it’s a “sad story.” He spoke emotionally and in personal terms about the true story of people — “people who are hurting” — who were scammed by the Trump operation. Poor people who were “manipulated by a famous billionaire.” Trump’s scam encouraged people to go into debt to buy a phony $15,000 — and then $35,000 — set of b.s. courses at the fake school, Rubio said. It was a “massive con job.” 

This is a highly effective approach. It hits Trump where he’s vulnerable — he really is an immoral sleazebag. He really is a con artist. Trump isn’t a champion of the little guy, Rubio pointed out. He’s the one ripping the little guy off. Rubio didn’t make it about jokes, he made it an emotional story with human stakes for salt-of-the-earth Americans that cast Trump as the manipulative tyrant that he is. Probably too little, too late, but this is the right approach. 

And Rubio did a very fluent job of tying the story of Trump as small-time con artist to Trump as big-time con artist:  “What he told those students is exactly what he’s telling America now.” 

“It is a fraud,” Rubio said. “It is a scam.”

Rubio hit Trump on the KKK as well: “When repeatedly asked, he refuses to condemn the Ku Klux Klan,” Rubio said. “There is no room in this party for that.”

“I will never allow a con artist to take control of the party of Lincoln and Reagen, or the conservative movement,” he said. He added that if Trump is nominated, the Republicans will lose to the Democrats in the general election. Rubio added: “And rightfully so if he’s our nominee because there’s no place for that in America.” He didn’t come right out and say that he wouldn’t support the KKK-cozy con man if Trump wins the nomination, but that “rightfully so” is pretty close. 

Rubio also went for the nativist attack, criticizing Trump for hiring human beings born in other countries and for wearing clothes made in foreign countries. 

There were a lot of hits on Trump but again, they were all more or less substantive, no juvenile dick jokes. Rubio ran through his stump speech and went for a sunny and optimistic tone. He said that for all of the doom and gloom, he believed things could get better. He also revealed that he used to wear MC Hammer pants.