The New York Times brings further anecdotal news about the warming planet: 

Organizers of the Iditarod dogsled race in Alaska had to bring in a trainload of dirty snow to put down for the ceremonial parade opening of the race in Fairbanks Anchorage. All over Alaska there’s been an  absence of deep cold and snow


Winter here is changing rapidly. Of the six warmest November-to-January seasons in Alaska since 1925, three have been in a row, including this one. Anchorage this year had its fourth-warmest February on record — at 29.9 degrees, almost 10 degrees above average — with little snow for weeks.

This is more of the same — to go along with, for example, shifting growing zones for plant life, rising sea levels, melting polar ice and the disappearance of glaciers in Glacier National Park.

In Arkansas — and many other places — the dominant political belief is that man has nothing to do with this and that the government must not interfere with industrial processes that produce greenhouse gases that could be a factor. Some day — perhaps too late — mankind will  know if, for example, Attorney General Leslie Rutledge and her campaign against cleaner air — had a better idea about science than our own lying eyes.