News of more public art for Little Rock:

The city Board of Directors agenda for its Tuesday meeting includes z resolution  allowing Deltic Timber Corporation, the developer of Chenal Valley, to place works of arts in public right of ways in certain areas. A summary:

Deltic has purchased certain pieces of sculpture that it would like to offer for display as public art in certain parts of the City. Deltic will do all of the work and maintain the areas; however, because they are public property, it is necessary to have a franchise in place that sets forth the various terms and conditions for this use of City property.

I don’t have all the specifics. But the enabling ordinance says areas to be covered are medians and shoulders of Chenal Parkway, Rahling Road and Chenonceau Boulevard,

 I’m just back from Sydney, Australia, where public art is really a thing. Stuff everywhere. One of my favorites below.


The River Market and Riverfront Park have been beneficiaries of a concerted push for statuary. Indeed, the enabling ordinance indicates that Deltic will be working with Sculpture at the River Market, Inc., the foundation that has led that arts project. It will be interesting to see if that means a Colorado sculpture studio will be again a main source of art for the western end of town.

Here’s the enabling ordinance. Maps attached to the ordinance pinpoint three locations for sculptures, but don’t provide illustrations for what’s planned, if they have been chosen.