It truly is a Super Tuesday, a day with potentially profound impact on the Democratic and Republican races for president.

Donald Trump has won the caucus in the Northern Mariana islands, if you’re counting.


Vox writes that a Bernie Sanders victory in Illinois, Hillary Clinton’s home state, could be a race-altering upset, even though a split vote wouldn’t affect the delegate count much. By the way: Clinton leads in total votes in races since the Iowa caucus by 4.9 million to 3.3 million. Former President Gore can tell you what a popular vote win is potentially worth. Polls are all over. A recent CBS poll gives Sanders the edge in Illinois.

Ohio and Florida on the Republican side are the big stories of the day. John Kasich loses Ohio and he’s vowed to quit. Marco Rubio seems likely to lose badly in Florida, which should mean his swan song.


PS: Why won’t Republican candidates disavow Trump?