Little Rock Mayor Mark Stodola gave his state of the city address today. You can read it here. Just about everything is hunky dory.

I note these remarks on a couple of items of contention — the elephantine freeway expansion the state desires in downtown and the long-delayed completion of the river bike trail:


On the horizon for the future is a resolution of the I-30 Crossing project and its impact on our downtown. It is a decision of great importance – one which will impact on this city for the next 50+ years. It is a decision of monumental importance. I would like the public to know that I along with our City Board of Directors, and our staff are all working very hard to find a plan that will allow this city to continue to grow and prosper and connect our various neighborhoods in unique and uplifting ways. I continue to remain optimistic that such a goal can be accomplished.

As for the Arkansas River Trail, certainly the construction of the Broadway Bridge and the long-challenging efforts to traverse the Dillard’s gap are projects on my agenda. We have had many ongoing discussions and I am hopeful that we will be able to see an agreed upon plan – and positive progress this year.