Texarkana early this year
adopted a non-discrimination ordinance to protect city employees and to require non-discrimination by businesses that seek city business.

The ordinance has brought opposition on the now-familiar fear mongering about bathrooms. The opponents have gathered sufficient signatures to put a repeal vote on the ballot in June. Both sides are gearing up. Conservative churches and Travis Story, the Fayetteville lawyer who crusaded against that city’s nondiscrimination ordinance, have led the opposition.


It mostly boils down to the men-in-the-women’s-restroom argument, which has (dishonest though it may be), moved voters elsewhere.

The campaign has prompted wide distribution on Facebook of a video of remarks by Rev. Rick Ward-Harder in support of the non-discrimination measure. I can’t find a YouTube link to embed, but this should give you a Facebook version. Good stuff. Example:  “Bullying, blatant discrimination and bigotry based on religious beliefs is wrong and does not reflect the spirit of  Christ.”


Possible correction: A reader says the recorded remarks were made during debate on a similar measure in Hot Springs, not Texarkana. The sentiment applied

More here on the “bathroom predator” myth.


Since North Carolina passed a law requiring people to use restrooms that comport with genitals they were born with, this good question has gone around the Internet for all covering the topic:

In short, it’s likely that transgender people already use public restrooms that comport with their identity and nobody is the wiser, nor need they be.