You’ll never read a headline like this in Arkansas:

Attorney general refuses to defend embarrassing law passed by legislature.

The headline for Arkansas Attorney General Leslie Rutledge more likely would read:

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Attorney general will defend embarrassing, unconstitutional law no matter how many courts overrule it.

I write on news from North Carolina. Attorney General Roy Cooper says he will not defend a recently passed state law that requires people to use restroom designated for their sex at birth (not always an easy call). Cooper called the law a “national embarrassment.”

“We’ve got to remember here the overriding concern that this new law provides for broad-based discrimination,” Cooper said.

The ACLU has already filed one lawsuit about House Bill 2. Cooper said more lawsuits could come.

“This shameful new law has brought them upon us,” Cooper said. “Discrimination is wrong, period. The governor and the legislature should repeal this law.”

Cooper said his office “will not be involved in those lawsuits.”

As for his oath to defend the state constitution, Cooper said, ‘We are doing our job today, making sure we defend policies in our office and in the office of the state treasurer [that prohibit discrimination.]”