Well, he is running in a Republican primary.

UPDATE: After nuclear blowback, Trump is backtracking. He’d go after providers, not women.

UPDATE II: The hypocrisy has reached nuclear proportion. Take the sanctimonious statement issued by the hate group, the Family Council:

As a staunchly pro-life organization, Family Council has never advocated the punishment of women who undergo abortion, and we know of no lawmaker or pro-life advocate who believes a woman ought to be punished for undergoing an abortion.

This is simply a lie. They have supported bill after bill that punishes women. They have fought to cut of family planning services by Planned Parenthood, which leads to abortion. They fought for the bill that punishes women by multiple trips to faraway doctors for the privilege of getting a dosage of medicine that causes cramps and bleeding because the “pro-life” people like the hateful Jerry Cox would rather see a woman that get the medically indicated lower dosage of the pill. They want records of women who’ve received abortions. They want to shame women who go to Planned Parenthood clinics. 


Don’t think women ought to be punished? The Family Council, the governor, the attorney general and the Republican legislative majority punish them every day with their policies.