Attorney General Leslie Rutledge is busy suing — in favor of air pollution; to discriminate against gay people; to limit women’s medical rights; to restrict workplace rights, and also, I am reminded by Think Progress, to hurry deportation of immigrants.

Rutledge has joined a gang of Republican officials in challenging Obama-administration rules to preserve families living and working in the U.S. The Supreme Court will hear the Texas case against rules that make it easier for undocumented parents of current U.S. citizens (children, in other words, generally) or lawful permanent residents and children of undocumented immigrant to avoid deportation. The rules have allowed people to work and kept families together.


Family values Republicans don’t like these rules. Actions have consequences.

If the plaintiff states succeed in dismantling these policies, they could actually end up risking economic losses, according to a new report from the Center for American Progress. (Disclosure: ThinkProgress is an editorially independent site housed at the Center for American Progress.) The report found that if the Supreme Court rules against DAPA and DACA, the plaintiff states will lose a combined $91.9 billion in new state GDP over a decade. Additionally, affected state and local governments will miss out on $272 million in annual tax revenue.

Families will also be adversely affected if the Supreme Court decides in the states’ favor. Residents of the plaintiff states stand to lose an estimated $48.4 billion in increased earnings, which is especially relevant given that wages have been stagnant for 40 years.

Aside from the economic consequences, perhaps most worrisome is the potential for the forced separation of millions of family members. According to the Center for American Progress, 2.6 million U.S. citizens live with a DAPA-eligible family member in the plaintiff states, meaning that millions of fathers, mothers, daughters, sisters, brothers, and sons could be torn away from their families.

The article breaks down the potential losses for each state fighting the Obama administration rules. If Rutledge wins, here’s the estimate of losses for Arkansas (subtract these values of the immigrant workers and families should they go away)L


Annual state and local tax revenue: $6.09 million

State GDP over 10 years: $1.36 billion


Earnings of state residents over 10 years: $736 million.

Another big bite out of the state treasury — yet another potential lick to plans for still more income tax cuts for rich people.