Right-wingers and dark money advocates have been making noise about legislative proposals to require more disclosure of spending in political races, particularly for judicial races. They’re raised specious First Amendment claims against disclosure, claiming a right to privacy of contributions (though state and federal laws are full of requirements for disclosure of names in direct campaign spending.)

A relevant case passed through the U.S. Supreme Court yesterday.


The U.S. Supreme Court declined to review an appellate court ruling upholding a Mississippi campaign finance law that requires reporting by people or groups spending at least $200 to support or oppose a ballot measure.

Five Mississippi residents sued in 2011, arguing that the law limited their free speech and association rights. 

They lost.


It’s time to end the dark money sewer and time particularly to upend laws that give a pass to obvious electioneering that avoids scrutiny for lack of magic words like Vote For or Against. If corporations may spend, let them disclose that spending. Who’s electing our judges and lobbying for constitutional amendments and initiated acts?