From The Advocate in Baton Rouge, a report on efforts beginning on campus to reduce student binge drinking at LSU football tailgate parties.

Initial response: Unhappy.


Among the proposals: no more glass bottles, no drinking games, no funnels, no beer kegs or alcoholic party punches, no couches, TVs or indoor furniture and no tents more than 10 feet by 10 feet.

But there are also some more serious regulatory steps under consideration.

The students were asked to weigh in on different proposed scenarios that would regulate how alcohol is served at the tailgates, primarily located on LSU’s Parade Ground. One scenario could require student groups to register their tailgates and then use third-party vendors to serve the only alcohol that would be allowed. Another option would have LSU organize a centralized vendor for all student organizations to purchase their alcohol from on game days.

I am getting old. I think maybe this is worth a discussion.


Of course, we don’t have this concern  in Arkansas because public consumption of alcohol is not allowed in Little Rock and Fayetteville. Skybox booze, OK.