Blue Hog Report says nonprofit consultant Molly Miller is considering a race for Little Rock City Board against long-time (since 1992) incumbent Joan Adcock. Matt Campbell, who writes Blue Hog, says this would be a good thing:

Assuming this is true, it would be a very good thing. Adcock, after all, has been little more than a corporate shill and impediment to positive change in the city for years. She has fought late-night clubs and after-hours venues, pushed back against Uber and Little Rock’s anti-discrimination ordinance, has vocally supported the charter-school expansion that looks to siphon money away from the LRSD, and has constantly used her at-large seat as a voice for southwest Little Rock rather than Little Rock as a whole.

Adcock has beaten strong challengers before. She’s an energetic campaigner. She retains base support in her Southwest Little Rock neighborhood and she’s made some important friends in the moneyed business community that likes to control thethree  at-large seats and, thus, Board as a whole. Her sellout of the Little Rock School District to the chamber of commerce/Walton desire for privately run charter schools should pay her handsome dividends. 


New blood on the City Board? Why not. Here’s more about Miller on Facebook.

UPDATE: She confirms to me her interest in the race. More later.