The state Highway and Transportation Department has announced that it will hold a “public involvement” meeting from 5 p.m. t0 8 p.m. April 26 at the Wyndham Riverfront Hotel to discuss 30 Crossing widening of Interstate 30. There will be a presentation at 5:15 p.m.; an “open house” will follow. The department has created a video that will show the road plans dimensionally.

The news release from the highway department says it is no longer referring to the 10-lane alternative as the “PEL (Planning and Environment Linkages) Recommendation 10-Lane with Downtown C/D (collector-distributor lanes).” Instead, it’s describing it as the 6-Lane with Collector/Distributor Lanes, “to better clarify the scope of the alternative and reduce misconception.” This is, of course, ridiculous. There will be four lanes that are collector-distributor over the Arkansas River to allow traffic to get on and off in downtown Little Rock and North Little Rock. They will be next to, but separated from, the six through-lanes. Four and six still add up to 10, twice the width the interstate is today at President Clinton Avenue. There will be 10 lanes leading into the C/D system and 10 lanes past the C/D system as well. The department will present drawings for the 8-lane alternative as well. 

Architect Tom Fennell, a proponent of converting the interstate into a boulevard in downtown Little Rock, has released a drawing to illustrate how the city could connect east and west downtown — now severed by the interstate — with a deck park over the stretch of the interstate that is below grade. 

The highway department’s press release is on the jump.

Office of the Director
P. O. Box 2261 – Little Rock, Arkansas
Telephone (501) 569-2227 Twitter: @AHTD

Contact: NR 16-099
Danny Straessle / Krista Sides April 13, 2016


PULASKI COUNTY (4-13) – The Arkansas State Highway and Transportation Department (AHTD) will hold a public involvement meeting in North Little Rock to present and discuss proposed plans to widen Interstate 30 in Little Rock and North Little Rock between Interstate 40 and Interstate 530, including the Arkansas River Bridge, as well as improvements to I-40 from JFK Boulevard to U.S. Highway 67. The 30 Crossing project is part of the department’s Connecting Arkansas Program (CAP).

The meeting will be held Tuesday, April 26, 2016, from 5:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m., at the Wyndham Riverfront (Silver City Rooms) located at 2 Riverfront Place in North Little Rock. The meeting will begin with a presentation at 5:15 p.m. followed by an “open house” where the public is invited to view maps and exhibits, ask questions, and offer comments about the proposed project.

The public meeting will provide updates to the 30 Crossing project since the last public meeting was held in October 2015. These updates include:
• The continued refinement of both the 8-lane General Purpose and 6-Lane with Collector/Distributor (C/D) Lanes alternatives
• Traffic modeling of both alternatives
• Interchange options for access to downtown Little Rock
• The initiation of the environmental evaluation process for both corridor alternatives.

The 6-Lane with Collector/Distributor Lanes alternative (previously called the PEL Recommendation 10-Lane with Downtown C/D) has been renamed to better clarify the scope of the alternative and reduce misconception. This alternative has three through lanes in each direction with two additional lanes serving as decision lanes that feed into Collector/Distributor lanes across the River Bridge in the downtown area. Collector/Distributor lanes are separated from the mainlanes by a barrier. The 8-Lane alternative has four general purpose lanes in each direction.

After the presentation at 5:15 p.m., the meeting will continue in an open house format, and the public is invited to visit anytime during the scheduled hours to view displays, ask questions, and offer comments about the proposed project. For more information, contact the Arkansas State Highway and Transportation Department’s Connecting Arkansas Program Manager at 501-255-1519 or

Additional information on the project is available at