Franklin Graham, the evangelist, brought his national tour of state capitals to Little Rock today and the crowd was estimated from  5,000 to 9,000, many trucked in by church buses.

He preached against godless politics; advocated more church in government (particularly installation of more Ten Commandments monuments on public ground) and claimed to be proclaiming no partisan interests while repeating standard Republican Party talking points — anti-gay, anti-abortion and so forth. He also preached against materialism — curious  message from a man making $880,000 a year, a lot of it from a putative relief organization.

Sen. Jason Rapert and the state’s leading hate group, the Family Council, naturally were ecstatic about the visit. Rapport claimed the crowd a “record” — against what standard he didn’t say. A  baseball game drew 7,000  people across the river later in the day. But they serve beer at Dickey-Stephens Park as a rule.

Here’s some D-G coverage.


And for good measure Here, from Huffington Post, a piece “Five Reasons Why Franklin Graham Is Once Again the Worst Thing to Happen to God in a While.”

He ain’t his father’s preacher.