The Little Rock Technology Park board today endorsed the Arkansas Highway Department’s split-diamond C/D design for Interstate 30 contingent on a change in the design of Capitol Avenue. 

Board member Dickson Flake objects to making Capitol a four-lane street with no parking and wants a sharp curb cut at Capitol and the frontage road (the southbound Collector/Distributer lane) to discourage traffic from Capitol and shifting it to Fourth and Sixth. Capitol is now two lanes with two lanes of parking. Capitol should remain pedestrian-friendly, the board agreed. 


AHTD Director Scott Bennett had asked the board Chair Kevin Zaffaroni to release an opinion on the various designs being considered, and the board did so in a conference call this morning.

In the above screen shot of the AHTD roll map of the “6 lane CD Split Diamond” (the street plan formerly known as the 10-lane alternative) you can make out Fifth Street’s rounded corners at the frontage road. (You can see more clearly here.) You can also see how far the yellow dotted lines extend from the interstate as it is today.


Will you be able to hear your lady love calling from the C/D lane at Capitol if you are east across the Wide Misery? If her voice will travel nearly 400 feet, yes. (An improvement over the widest part of the 6 lane CD single point urban interchange that left the 2nd street exit intact, which is 410 feet, four times the bridge’s width. (NOTE: A stretch of the C/D lanes are at ground level, so the elevated part of the interstate is not that wide.)



The Downtown Little Rock Partnership has also endorsed the “split diamond” plan. The letter, from Gabe Holmstrom, executive director, to Bennett is on the jump.