Hate groups are encouraging boycotts of Target because it welcomes people to use the restroom appropriate to their gender. Target refuses to buy into the haters’ myth that this somehow presents a danger.

Kroger has drawn national attention by affirming the sign seen in a Kroger store in Georgia about the provision of unisex bathrooms in the store. Target also provides single-stall “family” restrooms for those who’d prefer not to share a restroom with anyone. That’s not good enough for the haters at the American Family Association, the Family Council or the Republican legislators sure to push a bathroom bill in Arkansas. (What will Asa do?)

Good for Target and Kroger. I’ll continue to shop there, happy to know adherents of hate groups won’t be joining me.

But, I wondered, what about the Arkansas retail behemoth, Walmart? I asked their news department for a corporate view on use of restrooms by transgender people. To the company’s credit, its employment policy specifically protects transgender people from discrimination. No response as yet from the corporate office.