The Judicial Discipline and Disability Commission has found Supreme Court Justice Courtney Goodson broke no ethics rule in touting a National Rifle Association endorsement in her recent unsuccessful race for chief justice.

Judicial candidates may not seek or use endorsements from partisan political organizations. But they may use endorsement from political organizations. The NRA doesn’t always endorse only Republicans, the letter to Goodson from the agency said.

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The rules also say candidates shouldn’t do things that are inconsistent with “impartiality.” Given the NRA’s well-known insistence on the broadest possible interpretation of any laws pertaining to firearms, you might argue that a candidate had adopted a partial coloration in wrapping themselves in the hot trigger fingers of an NRA embrace. But that question wasn’t considered in the finding of no violation against Goodson, which responded to an anonymous complaint.

Good news here, of course. An NRA candidate lost.