Dallas Morning News reports that Kenneth Starr, the former Whitewater persecutor who’s now president of Baylor University, is under fire for ducking interviews and otherwise reacting inadequately to eight sexual assault allegations involving  Baylor football players.

Yes, the Morning News made the appropriate connection.

Starr’s record at Baylor on investigating sexual assault contrasts sharply to the aggressive reputation he earned investigating [President] Clinton.

Starr left no panty unsniffed in Whitewater investigations generally and particularly in compiling the pornographic Starr Report on President Clinton’s activities with Monica Lewinskhy.

Now, those who know Starr say, he may feel buffeted by the competing demands of different Baylor constituencies — students, alumni and the board of regents.

“He really wants truth to come out,” said Michael Lindsay, a Baylor alum, sociologist and president of Gordon College in Wenham, Mass. “Yet at the same time, he is a staunch advocate for the institution.”

Baylor and its football team  vs. the presidency. Priorities.

Anybody got a big cooler of water? White River water?