Galloping gossip centers on the future of Michael Lamoureux, Gov. Asa Hutchinson’s chief of staff, who departs at the end of May.

One line of speculation is that Lamoureux, prohibited by state law from moving into a state lobbying job, will join political powerhouse John Goodson’s new lobbying firm in Washington. He could lobby the federal government.


Neither Lamoureux nor Goodson responded to my e-mailed requests for comment.

Should this be true,  U.S. Sen. Tom Cotton would know. He would be an instant inside D.C.  contact for his friend and supporter Lamoureux, not to mention Goodson, who threw in early with financial support for Cotton in his race against U.S. Sen. Mark Pryor.


Cotton is making a  round of national appearances in what most view as an apparent run for president in 2020. (He’s accept a draft if Trump faltered for some reason this year.)

Goodson and Lamoureux  share a past involvement in electing the right kind of people to the Arkansas Supreme Court, where Goodson’s wife, Courtney, is among the justices. Goodson and class action lawyer friends have been major backers of several members of the court. Lamoureux has worked in concert — sometimes as a paid consultant — with conservative political operators intent on diminishing the ability to file suits for malpractice, negligence and other damages.


Just gossip. Happy to hear alternative theories.