Conway police announced today the arrest of Dr. Robert Rook, 60, a Conway physician, on three counts each of rape and sexual assault.

A news release said the charges, based on allegations of two women, came after an investigation that began in October. Three women have made allegations against Rook about inappropriate contact, but the charges are based on two accounts.


The Log Cabin Democrat in Conway reported:

Currently, the charges are based on two of the women’s allegations, she said, adding that police and D. Jason Barrett, the special prosecutor appointed in the case, “are mindful of the fact that there may be others who have been subjected to the same or similar abuse.”

The police asked for others with information to come forward. Rook has a family practice.


Prosecuting Attorney Cody Hiland asked for a special prosecutor from the prosecutor coordinator’s office because Rook had been a campaign supporter of his in the past and was going to raise money for him in his race for Court of Appeals this year until the news of the allegations broke.