will dominate news coverage today with its star-studded stockholder meeting extravaganza, but a union-backed group continues to push its message about Walmart’s treatment of workers.

Making Change at Walmart bought the full page ad shown here in USA Today (a newspaper often distributed free at hotel chains such as those housing Walmart stockholder meeting attendees) that is a response to the retail giant’s reintroduction of a “smiley” logo in its marketing.


“It’s ironic that Walmart is bringing back the smiley at a time when workers and customers are so unhappy with the company,”said Jess Levin, communications director at MCAW.

“Many Walmart workers are still struggling with poverty wages, erratic schedules, and under-staffing at their stores, and many customers don’t want to shop at a store that treats workers so poorly. Walmart’s logo isn’t the problem; its values are.”

Main headline at the meeting today appears to be Walmart’s plan to compete with Amazon by using Uber and Lyft to deliver groceries.