Sen. Jason Rapert went to Illinois for some evangelizing the other day and on the road trip home, mounted a phone on the dashboard of his (natural gas-powered) pickup to record some additional preaching.

He posted the installment of Jason TV on Facebook, where he caught some grief for using his phone while driving. So he made the video private, but not before his devoted followers preserved it.

Rapert’s road rant on JTV coincidentally came as he was getting some publicity for legislation aimed at curbing fatigued drivers. An idea for the senator for 2017: Legislation aimed at distracted drivers.

Using the phone while driving is perilous, dash-mounted or not. The Arkansas legislature has resisted banning it, though limits on texting and use of hand-held phones has been limited.


UPDATE: Sen. Rapert heard from, via Twitter:

@ArkansasBlog for 6 solid years you have whined & slandered me for just being alive. I don’t care what you think about anything. #GetALife