The Arkansas Medical Board voted 9-3 today to suspend the license of Dr. Robert Rook, a Conway family practitioner, because of pending rape charges.

According to coverage from KATV, Rook’s lawyers said the suspension would be damaging to his practice and the charges were based on thin evidence — “he said, she said” material. A board member noted that there were “three shes” and perhaps more to come. Conway police have charged Rook with three counts of rape and sexual assault involving two women and said a third woman has come forward with allegations.


Rook told the board he was innocent and allegations were made by women seeking to obtain drugs.

Rook is well-established in Conway and also has political connections. Because of his support for Prosecutor Cody Heiland (for whom Rook planned a fund-raiser for a judicial race a few days after he was charged; it was canceled) Hiland got off the case and a special prosecutor who filed the charges is handling it. Rook has also been a supporter of other political candidates.


Rook is to be arraigned next month.