Nice tidbit here on the place where the Orlando killer — an Islamist radical as Donald Trump would put it — obtained his weaponry. It was the St. Lucie Shooting Center.

The New York Daily News reported that the store’s owner, Ed Henson, an ex-NYPD officer, had posted on Facebook in December a meme that said, “F—- Islam, F—- Allah. F—- Muhammad. F—- the Koran. F—- people who support terrorism,” as well as a comment in November calling for Obama to be “handcuffed, removed from Office and charged with Treason and then publicly executed!”

“How can the American People and military stand by and do nothing while this piece of sh— puts everyone of us in danger,” the post said.

Henson has spoken to the press in the past in favor of expanded gun rights.

A man answering the phone at St. Lucie Shooting Center on Sunday would not comment to TPM when asked if Mateen’s weapons were purchased there, except to say that “our thoughts and prayers are with the victims.”

Thoughts and prayers, y’all.