The U.S. Supreme Court today
declined to hear a constitutional challenge to a Connecticut law passed after the Sandy Hook slaughter that banned certain semi-automatic assault weapons and large capacity magazines. A similar law is in effect in New York.

The 2nd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals addressed the argument that the law was mostly political posturing and would have limited impact.

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The law was “specifically targeted to prevent mass shootings like that in Newtown, in which the shooter used a semiautomatic assault weapon,” Judge José A. Cabranes wrote for the court.

“Plaintiffs complain that mass shootings are ‘particularly rare events’ and thus, even if successful, the legislation will have a ‘minimal impact’ on most violent crime.

“That may be so,” Judge Cabranes continued. “But gun‐control legislation ‘need not strike at all evils at the same time’ to be constitutional.”

So, Arkansas legislature, you clearly have room to do the same thing.

Military-style weapons have been the overwhelming weapon of choice in recent mass killings.


UPDATE: In other gun news today, Talking Points Memo reports that an Ohio gun shop owner was killed by an accidental shot fired by a student in a concealed carry class at the gun shop.