Deadspin pulls no punches
in describing Donald Trump lineup for Republican National Convention:

Donald Trump, a pile of faux-leather designer handbag knockoffs, has compiled a murderers’ row of sports figures for next month’s Republican National Convention in Cleveland. Bloomberg Politics reports that Mike Tyson, Mike Ditka, Bobby Knight, and NASCAR CEO Brian France have all chosen to shed whatever dignity they have left and make appearances.

Earlier this month, Trump voiced his desire to have “winners” at the convention, and said that he was “thinking about getting some of the great sports people who like me a lot.” His campaign has pulled enough strings to net a convicted rapist, a clueless CEO, and two pricks.

A “Mount Rushmore from a horrific alternative universe,” Deadspin adds.


Politico reported later that Trump had declared on Twitter that Tyson — whom he’s defended and spoken warmly of frequently — had not been invited to speak. Using a rapist as a keynoter in a race where his numbers among women are already poor was not a good idea, if it indeed was contemplated. If it’s like Trump’s many other walkbacks, it’s  a non-event with his base voters, beyond disappointment at missing remarks from Tyson.

UPDATE: Ditka, too, says he’s not on the speaking card. Saturday Night Live mourns.