Arkansas Business reports on a foreclosure suit filed by AMR Construction against Oregon developer Scott Reed’s K Lofts projects, six years in the making and still not completed at 315 Main Street.

The lofts are all but completed but unoccupied, one of many of Reed’s dreams of downtown development that have dissipated.


The AB link gives you the legal nitty gritty. The bottom line seems to be that until the property can be taken over by someone with the wherewithal to complete the work, it will remain a mostly empty onlooker (there is a groundfloor club) to a stretch of Main that is perking right along, with what will soon be a string of four restaurants across the street in  a redone office building full of state offices, a spiffy new home for the CJRW ad/PR firm at Thrid and Main and, before long, the long-awaited development of commercial space for tech entrepreneurs in the city-financed Tech Park.