Lt. Gov. Tim Griffin told Andrew DeMillo of the Associated Press today that he’ll seek re-election in 2018.

Griffin, a Republican, is widely viewed as hungry to be governor but apparently has decided a little less than two years ahead of the next Republican primary that Gov. Asa Hutchinson isn’t susceptible to challenge at the moment. Hutchinson has given Griffin high profile positions on various “task forces” on public policy issues.


Things can always change, of course, and ambitious politicians can always acknowledge changes in circumstance.

Arkansas voters in November may make Griffin’s position even more meaningless than it already is. A proposal on the ballot to allow four-year terms for county officials also removes the archaic part of the state Consitution that passes leadership of the state to the lieutenant governor when the governor is out of state. The lieutenant governor’s other work is to be presiding officer when the Senate is in session, largely a ministerial duty.


More jockeying is likely. Secretary of State Mark Martin, term-limited, says he won’t be on the ballot for anything else in 2018. Term-limited Land Commissioner John Thurston is aiming for secretary of state. Both are Republicans.