Still more on the police/race front this morning: An article in the Blytheville newspaper reports unhappiness among some in Gosnell over comments an unidentified local teacher made about the Black Lives Matter demonstration that temporarily blocked the Interstate 40 bridge in Memphis.

She wrote: “Omg!! These people protesting on the bridge…run their a** over or take them to jail. The bridge is not a pedestrian walkway. Ya’ll better thank the lord I’m not on the bridge because I would be shot acting a fool. Black lives matter well no (expletive) all live matter!? This crap is on my nerves. If these people had jobs to go to I bet they would be protesting to bed instead of acting like fools and not accomplishing a damn thing! Don’t like my language…sorry I can’t handle ignorance so feel free to delete me.”

Another read: “All I can say is if you are stupid enough to act like a fool on a bridge then your life doesn’t matter…So just jump in the damn river and do us all a favor.”

Some Gosnell residents are unhappy and have asked for the teacher’s resignation. No school official was available for comment.