Circuit Judge Wendell Griffen, a prolific blogger, offers thoughts on combating abusive police in a new post. Key points:

* Abusive police should be subject to prosecution.


* “White supremacy created this mess. White people must admit their cultural incompetence to correct it and accept leadership from culturally competent people who are black, brown, red, poor, and white.” 

* Stop practices that contribute to abuse — “stop and frisk,” racial profiling, allowing use of force on account of an officer’s fear for safety rather than “objective evidence” of threatening behavior.


* An independent review process for police actions.

* “Culturally competent” judges who don’t shield police misbehavior.


* Admit “the reality of white supremacy and its oppressive force. We must replace what we have with culturally competent people, policies, processes, and practices.”

Griffen urges readers to respond to, challenge or promote his views.