Gov. Asa Hutchinson, who was a House manager of Bill Clinton’s impeachment, has discouraged the Republican National Convention from delving into Clinton’s sexual past, as Donald Trump has said he would do. From the Washington Post:

Asked whether he wants to revisit the Lewinsky affair from the convention stage here in Cleveland, Hutchinson shook his head.

“No, no, no,” he said. “That was covered once in our history. We don’t need to cover it again.”

Hutchinson said he thinks Trump and other speakers would be wise to instead “look to the future.”

“Obviously whenever you’re looking at a hard-fought campaign, whenever you’re looking at candidates with a long record, there’s a lot to talk about there,” Hutchinson said. “I want to focus on my concern that a Clinton presidency would mean more government, less flexibility to the states [and] no clarity of leadership abroad in terms of our war on terrorism.”

Asa Hutchinson well knows the Republicans have a few skeletons in their kinky closet, too.