Kaitlin Marone, a standup comedian in New Orleans who grew up in Little Rock, qualified today for the election ballot as an independent candidate for U.S. Senate in Louisiana. She’s one of many candidates to succeed David Vitter.

Quote from the Baton Rouge newspaper:


Kaitlin Marone, of New Orleans, qualified to run without party affiliation, saying nobody is paying attention to the race right now and she didn’t want the Republican Party to appoint whoever they want to the post.

Her Twitter account describes her: “Shrill, Broke, Liberal, Anti-fear.”

Here’s her website. Her blog demonstrates in a post about the shooting of Alton Sterling in Baton Rouge that, amid comedy, she has a seriousness of purpose. Her biography here.


As a life-long southerner and liberal, she is exhausted with American politics being ruled entirely by fear. She is committed to keeping the discussion focused on things that actually matter like ecology, liberation, and the establishment of a matriarchal power structure to the exclusion and detriment of men who resist.

Marone, 30, who went to Little Rock Parkview before college at Appalachian State, gives this answer for why she’s running:

I’m honestly not running for Senate because I think I’ll win. I’m running because I’m worried people have no idea this election is even happening. This election is nearly as important as the presidential election that will be happening on the same day, yet Louisianans seem content to allow the Republican party to appoint their next preferred guy to the job. Hopefully, I can at least get some people to pay attention, maybe I’ll even get to steer the conversation in a different direction. Plus no one in this election is even saying they’re pro-choice. I’m pro-choice. Someone has to be. Vote for me.

You go, Ms. Marone. Find her on Twitter or Facebook.