The note above confirms what reportorial sleuthing was closing in on — that Trump staff writer Meredith McIver (reportedly an English major like our Attorney General Leslie Rutledge) made the “mistake” of including verbatim passages of a Michelle Obama speech in Melania Trump’s speech to the Republican National Convention.

But, but, but  ……


The first lady has “always liked Michelle Obama”? She’s one of the people who inspire her? She read the passages that McIver included?

There’s no way around it for Melania: Lock her up!


Might I say it takes a village of idiots to create something like this. (cite: Hillary Clinton, maybe Nostradamus, Google, common phrases)

PS: I have asked the attorney general if she intends to walk back her declaration that no plagiarism was involved in the speech. Her response falls short of the Trump organization, which at least admitted a mistake. Not Rutledge:


“The Attorney General’s position on the overall speech has not changed in that it was an excellent speech by a smart, successful, strong woman talking about Donald Trump: the husband and father. It is unfortunate that a young staffer’s mistake would distract from Mrs. Trump’s message. As the Attorney General said yesterday, the lines in question are part of a positive message that we want all children to hear regardless of who delivers it.”