What, you say, Arkansas wages are too low to attract folks from outside our borders to work here? Well, not surprisingly, that turns out not to be the case for athletics.

KFSM, Channel 5 reports that dozens of coaches have fled Oklahoma for Arkansas and quotes Roland, Okla., superintendent Randy Wood saying that coaches (and teachers) from Oklahoma haven’t had a raise from the state since 2008 or 2007, “so when you can make a short move as close as we are to the border and make $10,000 as a teacher, $20,000 as a coach, that’s kind of a no-brainer.” Among the Sooners who have taken flight from Oklahoma is Greg Werner, who left Poteau for Van Buren; he says whenever there’s an opening in Van Buren, “half the applicants will be from Oklahoma.”

Note that even in Oklahoma, the coaches make twice what the teachers make, if the Roland superintendent is accurate.